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Contemporary communication

Make an impact in the right media and formats while staying true to your brand values. If you want to get your messaging and positioning just right, you need contemporary communication.

Our agency

We’ve been helping clients working in research, culture, technology and life sciences ever since we started our agency back in 2010. We believe in building strong relationships based on trust. You can count on us to be flexible and highly engaged. We’re guided by your vision. And we deliver communication.

Nazlı Kaner M.A., Strategie, Story, Kreation

Nazlı Kaner MA, Strategy, Story, Creation

Nicole Thompson / Strategie und Beratung

Nicole Thomson, Strategy and Consultation

Our services

We specialise in communication, not in specific media or audience. For us, it all starts with analysis and ends with storytelling. We tell stories any way we need to tell them – in print, online, via social media. Whatever is required. But our mission is always the same. Sending out the right messages to the right audiences in the right language for maximum impact. The exact impact intended.

That explains why we offer our clients all the key services relating to communications. From strategic planning and storyboarding to full campaigns. From slogan writing and brand management to writing for SEO. And we only ever deliver the best. If we can’t do that ourselves, we bring our trusted partners on board.

An overview:

For SMEs: Where is your business now and what is your vision for the future? With our consultation services, we always start by taking a thorough look at the current situation and then work with you to put some goals into writing. Building on that foundation, we develop a targeted communication strategy, clarify your messaging, define surprising key concepts and plan out effective action to be taken across different media. We know all too well that impactful communication needs a solid strategy behind it.

We create relevant content that will lead your target audience to your website via keywords. And that will get your website ranking high in the search engines. This is an ongoing process that will only work once the basics are in place. You need a strong brand, clear messaging and a coherent communication concept. Interesting content packed with valuable information. Written with your target audience in mind first and foremost – not the search engines. Google can spot waffle from a mile off, probably even faster than you can.

What we can do for you:

  • Content creation about complex topics from the worlds of industry, science and culture
  • Blogging – ongoing management and post creation
  • Keyword analysis
  • PR across platforms and social media – concept and implementation
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Landing pages, cornerstone content etc.

This is one of our key services. We support businesses with all their language needs. That could be a succinct corporate language with a strong personality, a perfectly polished one-off solution, a punchy slogan or a catchy name for a new product or company. In all of these cases, the language has to be just right. So we start with in-depth analysis and add in clever creativity. We treat language like corporate design – working on it systematically and consistently, pouring in passion by the bucketload. We make sure you’re saying exactly what you want to say to your target audience. And we get the tone spot on for your industry – whether you’re working in science and research, IT, technology, medicine, culture, consumer goods or the lifestyle sector.

Our language and writing services:

  • Corporate language
  • Slogans (for companies, products or campaigns)
  • Names (for products or companies)
  • Customer magazines / newsletters, articles, press releases
  • Content and design for printed publications (annual reports, brochures, flyers, adverts, etc.)
  • Content and design for digital media (SEO writing, user guides, etc.)
  • Editing, copyediting and (external) proofreading if required

We don’t believe in making things look pretty for the sake of it, following superficial trends or forcing pictures to fit. For us, design has to reflect the values at the heart of the brand. It adapts to the media to fulfil its purpose. That is, clearly communicating strong messaging through visual elements. Design has to follow the brief. Any design we work on is carefully crafted, consistent and coherent. It fits the intended media every time. Whatever the strategy behind it, it evokes all the right emotions. It looks good without fail. And it has a modern look and feel. In short, contemporary. We create standalone corporate designs, brand presence, logos, imagery and campaign themes for our clients. We design printed publications, means of advertising, products, websites and digital applications.

Product, PR and image campaigns. Traditional, online, mobile, viral and cross-channel. However they come, our convincing campaigns evoke the right emotions, convey the right messages and fit the brief to perfection.

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Businesses can extend their reach and maximise their impact with less effort if they share the load through joint campaigns and brand partnerships. We can present interesting ideas for feasible collaborations and network with potential partners whose values, visions and target audiences match yours. Pooling skills and resources is a win-win way to make sure everyone involved amplifies their impact. Whether it takes the form of a shared one-off campaign, event, trade fair stand, cultural activity, campaign, customer email or social media activity, cooperative marketing can open up all sorts of doors for you. You can reach new audiences while cutting down your spending and boosting your popularity.

You need a brand to communicate – whether you’re representing a public institution or a private business,  selling a product or boosting your reputation. The best brands have so much more to them than their logo and corporate design. They have an instantly recognisable personality that shines through in every single outward-facing communication. We always align every strategy and every action with the brand values. Whether we’re creating branding for a new product or company or sharpening branding that’s missing the mark, the brand is at the heart of every decision we make.
Ask us about our workshops on positioning your business.

If you want any campaign to be successful, you need to take a professional approach to the media you’re using. Clients looking for help with their media, including the initial consultancy and planning, can rely on us for our in-depth knowledge, reliable contacts in the media world and excellent negotiation skills that achieve attractive discounts and targeted positioning. We create integrated media strategies and put them into action in all the relevant media. That includes print media (newspapers, magazines, journals), traditional media (TV, radio, cinema), online media (internet, email, competitions, social media), out-of-home media (billboards, transport, blow-up/large-scale media, CLP) and ambient media (free postcards, petrol pumps, samples, etc.). We stay up to date with the latest media trends and developments so we can put them into action for our clients when it’ll deliver the desired impact.

Exhibiting at trade fairs is an excellent way for businesses and institutions to tell people what they do, generate orders, meet new people and network with existing contacts. We work closely with our clients to set out clear objectives for trade fairs and develop a specific strategy on that basis – and the communications to go with it too, of course. We can follow the same process for other events, including company anniversaries, product launches and conferences. If our clients prefer, we’re always happy to take the lead but work with reliable specialist agencies ahead of trade fairs and other events.

Projects are doomed to fail and disappoint if they’re not managed properly. But project management takes time. Plus, you need to have a system in place. That’s why we offer this service for your internal projects too. Maybe you need project management support for newsletters and other professional publications you’re working on in-house. Or maybe you need someone to oversee the production side of your internal projects. This will save you precious time, leaving you to focus on what really matters.

Our social engagement


dieclub is our network for women with responsibilities. Created by Nazlı and Nicole in 2016. And now bringing almost 400 women together. Ready to join us?

The NGO materra empowers women in developing countries around the world. Nazlı has been giving back as the Chair since 2019. Want to find out more?

Our partners

Over the years, we’ve been building up a network of trusted professionals whom we can bring on board for extra support if your project needs special skills that we can’t provide ourselves.

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