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Celebrating New Wave – Festival design for the arthouse cinema Kommunales Kino Freiburg (©/Artist: Candaş Baş)

Festival design

“Celebrating New Wave: Art in Almanya” shone the spotlight on the work of artists and creatives who came to Germany from Turkey in the last ten years. The five-day festival in the arthouse cinema Kommunales Kino forged a link between this new wave generation and artists of Turkish origin. The Federal State of Baden-Württemberg was among the festival sponsors.

We developed the key visual as well as the festival communications. These often featured bilingual text in Turkish and German and included the festival catalogue, posters, adverts and social media banners.

Festival catalogue

Art in Almanya'da sanat. Playing with bilingualism within the text itself.

This was the very first festival created in Germany to showcase the artistic works of the Turkish new wave generation and uncover their perspectives on the country they call ‘Almanya’. Reason enough to create a comprehensivly designed catalogue presenting all the artistic contributions and introducing the collaborators behind them.

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