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Nachtsam. For a safer nightlife.

Campaign for the Federal state of Baden-Württemberg

Be carefree and dance the night away – and make sure others can do the same. With the goal of promoting a safer nightlife in Baden-Württemberg, the women’s protection organisation Frauenhorizonte in Freiburg launched a project to provide training and raise awareness. We’re responsible for the cross-media awareness campaign for safer nightlife, funded by the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg. We called it “nachtsam. For a safer nightlife.”

The nachtsam campaign is aimed at the night owls among us and encourages greater awareness on a night out. It also targets those working at late-night venues. Special training is being provided in all major towns and cities across Baden-Württemberg. Trained businesses can become certified ‘nachtsam’ locations. Adding value to a safer nightlife.

Responsive Website
Responsive Kampagnensite u.a. mit Clubfinder, interaktiver Landkarte mit teilnehmenden Betrieben und passwortgeschütztem Registrierungsbereich
Billboard series for certified ‘nachtsam’ night-time businesses

Kaner Thompson is in charge of developing the corporate design and all campaign branding. We also handle all technical and media production needs and advise on social media strategies. Slogan, key visual, website, billboard series, flyer and advertising media – we delivered the lot.

Large-format advertising in 16 towns and cities across Baden-Württemberg

From Friedrichshafen to Mannheim. From Offenburg to Ulm. We took care of all media planning and found the perfect advertising locations.


A total of 111 clubs, businesses and establishments have already undergone training since the launch of the campaign. A further 87 establishments are currently completing the training process. 24 districts, towns and cities already have businesses with trained staff. In each location there is also scope for collaboration with key partners, such as universities, the public order office of Freiburg and night mayors of Stuttgart and Mannheim.
Ministry for Social Affairs, Health and Integration of Baden-Württemberg

Nachtsam advertising columns

Mit dem Akzeptieren greifen Sie auf Inhalte von YouTube zu, einem Dienst, der von einem externen Dritten bereitgestellt wird.

Akzeptiere YouTube-Inhalte
Advertising column roadshow in Freiburg (video by Felix Groteloh for Kaner Thompson)

Training and campaigns will continue to run in 2023. The number of partners in towns, cities and communities is on the rise

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