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VISIONEN. Spirit & Soul. Magazine design since 2019

Mindstyle magazine VISIONEN Spirit & Soul represents a forum capturing the spirit of a new era, aimed at open-minded people. It is designed to appeal to readers of any age who are interested in an ethical and sustainable way of life. Every issue is packed full of contributions covering a wide range of topics, offering background information, stories and thought-provoking ideas on awareness. The magazine champions a return to natural values, positioning them as the backbone of sustainable, pollution-free consumption and of a new lifestyle in a world characterised by the extreme depletion of resources.

In collaboration with lange + durach in Cologne, we developed the new VISIONEN logo lettering and the layout grid. Ever since issue 02/2019, we’ve been in charge of designing the bimonthly magazine as well as any special editions.

Current issue 05/2023. Available from all well-stocked newsagent’s shops and bookshops.

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