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[Translate to English:] Thermo Fisher Scientific Allergie- und Autoimmundiagnostik

Thermo Fisher Scientific – full-service communication solutions for the European team of the specialist in allergy and autoimmune disease diagnostics

Full-service support since 2010

Thermo Fisher Scientific is the world's leading provider of IgE blood tests for allergy and autoimmune disease diagnostics. We’ve been supporting Thermo Fisher Scientific since 2010, taking care of their communication strategies with laboratories, specialists, GPs and patients. We do this in many different languages, creating content that spans multiple European countries – across all channels and in all formats.

Moving pictures – from animation to videos

We design and produce moving picture content for a wide range of applications and target audiences. Thermo Fisher Scientific values our creativity, our ability to come up with new content ideas and our media expertise. And, of course, our top-notch project management.

Animations for conferences, project initiatives or product manuals

When it comes to setting the stage for your products and processes, everything needs to look perfect and evoke the right emotions. That’s why we create a strategically sound storyboard, a strong dramatic composition and a coherent design. Together with our motion designers, we develop animations that are bursting with impact and visual appeal. We’d love to show you more of our work.


Real stories from real patients.

allergyinsider.com is the first port of call for patients with allergies, while coeliacinsider.com is the place to go for those affected by coeliac disease. Since 2020, we’ve been producing testimonial videos from real patients for the YouTube channels of both these portals. From casting to upload – we take care of it all.

Milena’s severe nut allergy | Better quality of life for allergy patients
Till’s pollen allergy | Tracking down asthma
Anna’s coeliac disease | Living life to the full in spite of autoimmune disease
Verena’s venom allergy | Bee or wasp?

All videos were produced in collaboration with photographer and film maker Felix Groteloh.


Three ongoing emailer campaigns on asthma, coeliac disease and rheumatoid arthritis for European healthcare portals: from design and programming to on-time delivery, customised in five languages.


PowerPoint presentations that really resonate

PowerPoint is such a versatile tool. We develop elaborately designed presentations for Thermo Fisher Scientific to use in sales and marketing meetings, both in Germany and across Europe. Take, for example, the ‘Customer Value Offerings’ presentation, a PowerPoint package with over 400 slides for use in Europe. Our infographics get right to the heart of the facts in an appealing way. And our perfectly-placed animations deliver concise statements and grab attention. We’d love to show you our credentials. Get in touch with us.


It’s all about instilling customer loyalty in our client’s customers. We develop perfectly orchestrated co-marketing campaigns with impact for all stakeholders in the value chain. From slogans to production – we’ve got it covered. Our precision knows no bounds, right down to the practice stamp.

    Blood knows more.

    This global co-marketing campaign was created for gastroenterologists to highlight the four syndromes of IBD, Crohn's disease, coeliac disease and food allergies.

    Mailshots, test algorithms, technical brochures and patient brochures

    Think allergy.

    A co-marketing campaign for GPs on asthma, rhinitis and food allergies. The support material and patient information esd designed to be rolled out across numerous practices.


    E-newsletter – for all relevant healthcare portals

    Fast, professional and efficient – that’s how Thermo Fisher Scientific sums up our e-marketing services. Be it pan-European campaigns, short-notice emailers on a particular topic or a comprehensive series of newsletters, we can do it all. We manage complex requirements and deliver solutions perfectly tailored to your needs. We’re very happy to deliver all your content, from start to finish.

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